is an Irish artist living and working in the Wicklow hills, who paints mainly in oils on silver leaf on canvas. He has exhibited in Ireland, the USA, Europe and Abu Dhabi over a 40 year career.




It is The Thing it is





A Possible Future



In Mushroom Season

70 x 100cm oils on gold leaf on canvas




Lazy River Dreaming of the Bay





In Going Twice Around a Tree


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Last Days of Peace

60 x 60cm oils on leaf on canvas



Unfinished Forest


What Makes a Problem Hard









A Wise Old Tree


14 Nocturnes painted in a time of healing





A Mist of Bluebells #2








A Mist of Bluebells #3


Could This Be Happiness
Mythos #2











Mythos #4
The Tears of the World are a Constant




Getting Used to It Eventually

80 x 80cm oils on leaf on canvas