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An exhibition - in Abu Dhabi


Patrick Walshe with the U.S. Ambassador to the UAE, Michael H. Corbin and his wife, at the opening of his exhibition, Dreams, in Abu Dhabi 31st May 2014






Three series of paper works

Shocking Weather 1

Desperate Weather 2

Excitable Landscapes 3


"By painting on reflective surfaces and by using transparent spectrum oils and glazes, the intention is to create a multi dimensional sensibility echoing the ubiquitous glowing screens we worship and live by. This extra dimensionality means the paintings can only be fully appreciated by live interaction."The viewer is asked to become involved in the variables of light, observer and orientation. The paintings take on a substantially different appearance, translucency and mood depending on the lighting in which they are viewed."


Born in the West of Ireland, in 1952, Irish painter Patrick Walshe left home to develop his art in New York and Los Angeles in the 1980's where he exhibited widely, returning to Ireland in the 1990's via Africa and Asia. He now lives and creates in the Wicklow mountains.



Patrick Walshe will be exhibiting at "Art Source Fair" Dublin. R.D.S. Nov 13th - 16th. Stand A35


" Any kind of painting, any style of painting - to be painting at all - is a way of living.....It is exactly in it's uselessness that it is free." - Willem de Kooning




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No Forest No Path

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